Exhibition - "Pure Love"

Exhibition - "Pure Love" by Mairanny Batista

Exhibition - "Pure Love" by Mairanny Batista



PURE LOVE is exhibition that express freedom and self-love, by transforming the focal point of light in the universe to be internal. The exhibition invites the self-contemplation of what has been sown in the human essence. Proposes that each direct the loving gaze to the yourself development processes and flourish ...



Freedom - Mairanny Batista

"Freedom" - Liberdade
Artista: Mairanny Batista
Dimensões: 1.37 m x 96 cm
Criada: 2017

Begin Again - Mairanny Batista

“Begain Again - Comece de Novo”
Artist: Mairanny Batista
Dimensions: 1.38 m x 26 cm
Created: 2019
Locations: private collection 
Media: Spray


Self-portrait Mairanny Batista 

Autoretrato Mairanny. (Self-portrait Mairanny)
Artist: Mairanny Batista
Dimensions: 1.20 m x 1.36 m
Created: 2017-2019
Locations: Coleção Particular
Media: mixed media
Healed Heart  -Artwork by Mairanny Batista